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There’s a reason why the words “Beautiful British Columbia” are featured on the license plates of vehicles registered in the province. Look around you. This is a land so chalk full of beauty, it’s almost blinding. From the Canadian Rockies bordering the east to the Pacific Ocean bookending the west, there’s plenty to rave about this remarkable province. It’s no wonder people brag about living here and why so many others aspire to relocate here. B.C. is home to Vancouver, one of the densest, most ethnically and culturally diverse cities in the country, but it’s also where you’ll find remote communities with limited access, and some that are completely “off the grid.” You can live in the heart of several of the province’s diverse cities, or in a suburb, on a farm, on a golf course, on a vineyard, high atop a mountain, or deep in the forest. You can live ocean side, lake side, river side or creek side. But what makes B.C. especially unique is its overall vibe embracing the land and its bounty, the environment and a sustainable future. Because of the climate, British Columbia can produce all manner of foods naturally – from seafood, meats, fruits, vegetables, cheeses, wines and more – this is a place where the 100-mile diet can truly be pursued and appreciated. Plus people here tend to lean toward a green way of living and adopt a healthier lifestyle. The terrain often pushes residents to explore and test their limits, enriching their lifestyles and experiences. Still not convinced that B.C is the place for you? Consider these cool facts: • The warmest fresh water lake in Canada is Lake Osoyoos, located in the South Okanagan. • A legendary lake monster called Ogopogo is rumoured to reside in Okanagan Lake. • The official motto of B.C. is “Splendor without Diminishment.” • B.C. is referred to as “Hollywood North” with the third largest film and television production centre in North America. • There are 1,030 provincial parks and protected areas. • There are more than 10,700 vehicle accessible campgrounds in B.C. • Khutzeymateen Provincial Park is a Grizzly Bear sanctuary. • There are 40,000 islands in B.C. • B.C. is one of the top three cranberry and blueberry producing regions in the world. • B.C. home to Canada’s largest working cattle ranch.
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